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Replacement Radiators & Boilers

Combination Boilers North Tyneside Modern combi boiler heating for instant hot water

Combi Boiler Valves and Thermostats
  • Combination Boiler North Tyneside Combi Boiler ServicingGas Installation North Tyneside
  • Gas Boiler Parts North Tyneside Replacement Boiler Parts Fitted North Tyneside
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers North Tyneside Specialist Boiler Repairs North Tyneside
  • Boiler Repairs North Tyneside Boiler Repairs North TynesideGas Installation North Tyneside
  • North Tyneside Heat Pumps North Tyneside Heat Pump Energy Extraction Systems North Tyneside
  • North Tyneside Solar and Traditional Solar & Traditional Water Heating Hybrids North Tyneside
  • Gas Installation North Tyneside Gas Heating Installation North TynesideGas Installation North Tyneside
  • Gas And Solid Fuel Fires North Tyneside Flue and Chimney Cleaning North Tyneside
  • Wood Burning Stoves North Tyneside Solid Fuel Stoves and FiresGas Installation North Tyneside

Combi Boilers North Tyneside
Why wait hours for hot water or waste money and energy as a tank full of hot water gradually goes cold?

If you live in North Tyneside and want an estimate to fit a combi-boiler central heating system just let us know using our quick and simple form

Boiler Repairs »

Replacement Parts
Valves, Thermostats and Jets

The latest combi boilers are very reliable & with regular servicing should last many years - Eventually, certain mechanical and electrical components will wear or stop working and need to be replaced: gas valves, water pumps & water flow valves wear with repeated use while gas jets and thermostats eventually suffer from repeated hot-cold cycles, oxidation and lose their accuracy

Combi North Tyneside Replacement Boilers North Tyneside Boilers Repaired North Tyneside

Combi Boiler Repairs North Tyneside Old Boiler out of Warranty
If the warranty has lapsed on your old boiler system or combination boiler and you'd like an estimate to continue servicing your heating system simply contact us for a prompt service

Urgent Gas Repairs North Tyneside Emergency Boiler Repairs North Tyneside
If you need a boiler specialist in the North Tyneside area because your boiler is broken and you're without hot water and heating let us know that you need an engineer urgently

North Tyneside Heating North TynesideUnderfloor Heating Installation

Underfloor Heating North Tyneside Not all heating systems rely on a radiator in every room
Underfloor heating helps provide a consistent and uniform room temperature without being as intrusive as current radiator systems: In essence; the entire floor becomes a giant radiator with a thermostat maintaining your ideal room temperature

Underfloor Heating <?php echo North Tyneside; ?> Electric Underfloor Heating
Underfloor Heating elements are layed on an insulated substrate and covered with floor tiles to provide a heated floor; Electrical underfloor heating systems are popular in bathroom refurbishments as they can be quite expensive for whole house heating compared to pumped water systems
Underfloor Heating <?php echo North Tyneside; ?> Water-based underfloor heating
Hot water is pumped into a series of pipes embedded into about 150mm (6 inches) of insulated concrete to create a giant heating system

North Tyneside Heat Extraction North TynesideHeat Pump Heating Systems

Water Heating North Tyneside Extracting Heat From The Air
Heat pumps were traditionally utilised for air conditioning thanks to their ability to remove heat from the air: Instead of the energy going to waste it can be utilised to heat water, thus saving energy

Desuperheater Condenser Heat Pumps North Tyneside Heat Exchange Water Heaters
For water heating, you can add an auxiliary heat exchanger that extracts energy from the superheated gases in the heat pump compressor to provide hot water: The hot water is then fed into an insulated water storage tank for use
Geothermal Pumps North Tyneside Geothermal Space & Water Heaters
Geothermal heat pumps extract heat from the ground during the winter months and from within the living space during summer to combine heat storage with air conditioning

North Tyneside Solar Power <?php echo North Tyneside; ?>Solar Power & Heating

Water Storage North Tyneside Large Energy Storage Tank
The secret to energy storage is in creating a large capacity storage solution with very efficient insulation to reduce energy losses to the surroundings
A small pump and thermostat system will control water flow and minimise energy losses
Solar North Tyneside Solar heating can be an economical addition to modern home heating solutions
Solar energy can be used to heat a reservoir of water to slightly above ambient temperature; heat pumps and heat exchangers can then extract the energy for cheap hot water and heating
Solar Panels North Tyneside Solar Panel Installation
Popular panels to collect solar energy installed onto roofs or garden-based collectors to harness the sun's energy: Pumped Fluid or Electrical systems installed for homes in North Tyneside

Solar Power North Tyneside Types of Solar Power Panels
Solar panels are available to transform solar energy into either:

  • Solar Heating North Tyneside Heat - Generally, a water-based fluid is pumped across a heat absorbent panel where it increases in temperature; the heat is then extracted using a heat pump or passed across a heat exchanger to raise the temperature within a water storage tank
  • Solar Electricity North Tyneside Photovoltaic (PV) Energy or Electrical Power - Solar panels contain an array of photovoltaic cells made from one or two layers of a semiconducting material such as silicon
    As sunlight shines on the cell, its energy creates a voltage change or an electrical field across the layers of semiconducting material that can be collected as electrical energy and stored in a bank of rechargeable batteries to power electrical devices

North Tyneside Heating North TynesideCombi Boiler Systems

Combi Boilers North Tyneside Insulated Hot Water Storage Tank
Traditional hot water systems use a large insulated storage tank to store sufficient hot water for bathing and washing; Tanks often contain an electric water heater to make use of cheaper electricity overnight
Combi Boilers North Tyneside Direct Heating
A combi boiler heats water directly as soon as it is required and does not need to rely on a tank containing pre-heated and stored water
Combi Boilers North Tyneside What is the Difference between a traditional and combi boiler hot water system
The primary difference between a traditional boiler system and a combination "combi" boiler system is the way hot water is created and handled

Emergency Plumbing Repairs North Tyneside Heating Systems: Emergency Repairs

Frost Damage North Tyneside Frost Damage to Water & Heating Pipes?
If the water in your pipes has frozen and expanded then it has probably caused a split in the pipe; it may be possible to bandage the pipe to make a temporary repair but the section will have to be replaced and the exposed pipes should be insulated to prevent hat loss and the risk of frost damage in future
Emergency Repairs North Tyneside What do you do when a radiator leaks or your boiler stops working?
Some things just need to get done straight away, if you know how to bandage or isolate a leaking joint you can minimise the damage caused by a leaking radiator but if your boiler packs in in the middle of Winter you need a gas engineer on hand pretty damn quick to get it sorted or find an economical solution
Mechanical Damage to pipes North Tyneside What happens if we accidentally put a nail through a water pipe or damage a joint or stopcock?
The first step is to stop the leak or prevent further damage to walls, floors and furnishings then get an emergency repair or replacement

Radiators North Tyneside Replacing Radiators or Adding New Radiators

Radiators North Tyneside Custom Radiators for North Tyneside
Curved bay windows, designer bathrooms, modern kitchens, floor level heating: there are so many possibilities that most plumbing and heating outlets can't stock all the design possibilities, however, it is possible to construct very efficient radiators to utilise awkward spaces and match in with existing or desired design features
Radiators North Tyneside Increasing your living space and adding warmth
Many modern home owners in the North Tyneside area prefer to create extra living space by adding a ground floor extension, loft room or garage-bedroom add on so it's no surprise to need the existing heating system extended too to add a new radiator in a bedroom or conservatory; it's also possible to replace old inefficient or outdated radiators with more efficient and fashionable radiators, towel rails or stainless steel designer features

Plumbing Repairs North Tyneside Gas Fire Installation North Tyneside: Gas Fitters

Gas Heating North Tyneside Wall mounted Gas fire and Log Effect Gas Fire Installation
Modern gas fires installed and serviced to ensure correct ventillation and fuel-air ratios, gas fire parts replaced: new jets, valves and insulation
Modern Gas Heating North Tyneside Modern, discrete gas-fired room heaters for North Tyneside homes
Gas heating system installation for direct room heating using a discrete wall mounted gas heater

North Tyneside North Tyneside HeatingNorth Tyneside Wood Burning Stoves

Wood Burner North Tyneside Wood Burners
An ideal replacement for gas and oil fires when seeking a greener alternative that's economical to run and can fit in a traditional or modern home
Industrial Heating North Tyneside Pellet Burners
Industrial scale wood burning stoves often rely on fuel pellets that are fed into the burner automatically

North Tyneside Heating North TynesideKitchen Range Room Heaters

Greener Energy North Tyneside Multi Fuel Ranges
Multi fuel kitchen burners allow cooking and heating using renewable biomass fuel products

Bio Fuel North Tyneside Kitchen Entertaining
Kitchen ranges can also become the focal point when entertaining guests on a Winter's evening

North Tyneside Heating North TynesideSolid Fuel Bio-Mass Heating for Greener Energy

North Tyneside Bio Mass Heating
Bio Mass heating systems allow for renewable energy heating rather than using fossil fuel: coal, coke and fuel oils

Wood Fuel North Tyneside Waste For Heating
Wood shavings, corn husks and other relatively dry bio-mass waste can be converted into fuel pellets for continuous automated solid fuel heating systems

Plumbing Repairs North Tyneside Plumbing Services North Tyneside

Heating and Plumbing North Tyneside Plumbing and Heating North Tyneside
Home refurbishments often involve the removal,replacement or re-siting of radiators to get the best from your living environment while kitchens,bathrooms and utility rooms usually need hot and cold water supplies combined with some form of heating system

Plumbing Installation North Tyneside Shower Installation North Tyneside
Installing an ensuite shower in your bedroom or upgrading your bathroom shower and need a plumber in the North Tyneside area; simply get in touch using our telephone number or complete the easy to use enquiry form

Plumbing Installation North Tyneside Bathroom Installation North Tyneside
Modernising your existing bathroom and toilet can be quite a major undertaking and involves several key steps:

  • Skip Hire North Tyneside Skip Hire to remove the old bathroom suite, wall tiles, flooring, fittings etc
  • Waste Pipe Plumbing North Tyneside Plumbing in waste pipes and water pipes
  • Bathroom Ventilation North Tyneside Arranging Bathroom Ventillation or Extraction
  • Bathroom Wiring North Tyneside Installing Ceiling Lights, Recessed Lights or Low Voltage Bathroom Lighting
  • Bathroom Flooring North Tyneside Laying the bathroom floor with options for underfloor heating
  • Bathroom Plumbing North Tyneside Installing the bathroom suite
  • Bathroom Shower Electrics North Tyneside Plumbing and Wiring A Shower Unit with Heavy Duty Cable
  • Bathroom Units North Tyneside Installing Bathroom Units
  • Bathroom Tiling North Tyneside Tiling The Bathroom Walls
  • Bathroom Heating North Tyneside Installing Bathroom Radiator or Decorative Heated Towel Rail

Bathrooms North Tyneside Bathroom Installation North Tyneside

Bathroom Installation North Tyneside Complete Bathroom Installation
The sequence of operations varies depending upon the existing bathroom condition and new bathroom design while a systematic bathroom fitting results in a completely refurbished bathroom suite to match your tastes

Kitchens North Tyneside Kitchen Installation North Tyneside

Kitchen Installation North Tyneside Kitchen Joinery & Services North Tyneside
Kitchen installation services for the North Tyneside area: Kitchen Units fitted, gas hobs and ovens installed, kitchen sink plumbing

Kitchen Customisation North Tyneside Flat Pack Kitchen Units Installed & Customised North Tyneside
Buying flat-packed kitchen carcasses can save money but depending upon the kitchen they will probably need adjusting to fit properly; especially if there are columns or boxed in heating pipes to work around - If you live in or around North Tyneside and would like an estimate for fitting your kitchen and installing gas, electric and water then use our simple kitchen and bathroom enquiry form

Bespoke Kitchens North Tyneside Custom Kitchens North Tyneside
Functional kitchens with personality and good design are difficult to get from a range of flat pack units at your local diy; store For instance it's possible to:

  • Conversion North Tyneside customise a kitchen unit to conceal a combi boiler
  • Kitchen Accessible North Tyneside disguise a ventilation unit within a false cupboard back that still allows good air circulation
  • Kitchen Customisation North Tyneside build in a refridgerated wine store to display your special wines

Disabled Kitchens North Tyneside Wheelchair Accessible Kitchens North Tyneside
Build and install kitchen units that allow a wheelchair user to work comfortably at their optimal worktop height and fit wall units on electrically operated tracks that allow the units to be lowered to bench height for access

Wide Doors for Wheelchairs North Tyneside Wider Doorways & Doors North Tyneside
Modern doorways can be replaced with a wider frame and door for easier wheelchair movement, similarly; doors can be relocated to create a new entrance where a wheelchair is easier to manoeuvre

Kitchen Electrics North Tyneside Kitchen Rewires North Tyneside
The best time to change the layout of your kitchen sockets, lighting and electrical appliances is during your new kitchen installation; it's not unusual to have a plumber,electrician and kitchen fitter working in your kitchen at the same time to ensure everything fits perfectly

Kitchen Electrics North Tyneside Kitchen Tiling, Painting & Decorating North Tyneside
Once your new kitchen is installed it's time to add the finishing touches such as splash back tiles, hob feature, wallpapering and painting to complete your kitchen makeover

North Tyneside Boiler Repairs

North Tyneside Plumber and Gas Fitter

Boiler replacement parts fitted - Boiler boiler thermostats, gas jets or ignition systems fitted, flues cleaned and airflow checked to get your Boiler working properly

Boiler repairs North Tyneside: if you haven't had time to build up a relationship with a local Plumbing and heating company
Use the form to find a local Plumber & Gas fitter to repair and maintain your Boiler

Boiler servicing North Tyneside: If your gas central heating and hot water system is not working correctly or needs a service and safety check then make an appointment to have a heating specialist take a look at your boiler and carry out any boiler maintenance and service tasks

If your Boiler needs a service or urgent maintenance then use our form to make an enquiry or use the direct contact telephone number to arrange a visit

Boiler Repairs North Tyneside

Boiler  North Tyneside

Boiler Parts Supplied and Fitted by local Plumbers

Water Pumps North Tyneside Boiler Water Pumps
Boiler pumps circulate the water to the radiators during the central heating cycle in combination boiler systems - In sealed systems ensure the water pressure is sufficient and that the radiators aren't air filled and require bleeding

North Tyneside Boiler Automatic Air Vent
Sticking or damaged air vents replaced

North Tyneside Boiler Thermistor
Boiler faulty temperature sensitive thermistors replaced

North Tyneside Boiler Compatible Room Thermostat
Replacement Boiler thermostats fitted to maintain a comfortable room temperature and minimise your heat energy costs

North Tyneside Boiler Thermocouple
Thermocouples convert temperature into movement or voltage change: most sensing thermocouple replaced

North Tyneside Boiler Timer & Replacement Timers
Boiler timers : Rather than have your central heating come on as the temperature falls slightly; the timer allows you to control your home temperature and heating costs:
Set the timer to switch on about an hour before you normally get up in the morning and switch off an hour or so before your usual bedtime
Combine the timer with a thermostat for optimal temperature control

Thermostats North Tyneside Boiler Thermostat
Boiler replacement boiler thermostats - The thermostat responds to changes in water temperature to ensure the boiler remains within safe operating temperature limits - arrange to have your Boiler boiler inspected if the water temperature is fluctuating unusually during normal use

North Tyneside Boiler Divertor Valve
Boiler divertor valves replaced for most Boiler systems

North Tyneside Boiler Fan
Replacement Boilerfans installed

North Tyneside Boiler Diaphragm
Replacement Boiler diaphragms installed

North Tyneside Boiler Pressure Relief Valve
Replacement pressure relief valves fitted

North Tyneside Boiler Microswitches
Boiler microswitches eventuallly wear or contacts fail to work: New microswitches fitted

Ignition Systems North Tyneside Boiler Ignition-Pilot Systems
When a boiler does not have automatic ignition the gas pilot light should be permanently lit to ignite the main burner as required;
Ignition Systems North Tyneside Autoignition Boiler Systems can use a temporary pilot light in order to light the main burners without relying on a spark that could allow a dangerous build up of gas
North Tyneside Modulating Burner Systems can start on a very low flame, hence ignited directly before the gas flow increases

North Tyneside Boiler Pressure Guage
OEM Boiler parts fitted or replaced with alternative pressure guages

North Tyneside Boiler Flame Sensing Electrode
The Boiler Flame sensor detects when the flame is ignited and tends to fail safe, a faulty flame sensing electrode will normally prevent the boiler from igniting

North Tyneside Boiler Flow Sensor
Gas Flow and Water Flow sensing elements replaced

North Tyneside Boiler Pressure Vessel
New pressure vessels fitted

North Tyneside Boiler Air Pressure Switch
Fuel combustion requires sufficient oxygen: New Air flow-pressure systems fitted

North Tyneside Boiler Circuit Boards
Boiler electrical faults repaired using Boiler OEM components - Boiler sensors and thermostats checked to identify the source of the electrical fault

Boiler Servicing

Boiler systems serviced and checked for safety, parts replaced and central heating systems flushed to removed deposits and refilled

Heating Services
North East

  • Flooring North Tyneside Flooring Products

    Laminate Flooring Products
    Vinyl Flooring Products
    Wood Flooring Products Building Planning

    If you're refurbishing your home with a new heating system, kitchen or bathroom you may want to consider using hard wearing laminate flooring or contract vinyl flooring products

Solar Power
Water Heating

Condensing Boiler

Able to extract up to 95% of the available heat: Condensing combi boilers are one of the most energy efficient heating systems

Isolating Taps

When you have a toilet, bathroom, radiator or appliances installed that need plumbing for running water; ask to have a local isolation valve fitted to make future maintenance easier or to isolate the system in case of a leak

Earth Bonding

Radiators and water pipes need earth bonding to ensure electrical continuity

Heat Transmission

Most houses use large white panel water filled radiators to transmit heat; chrome or statement radiators are sometimes used in kitchens and bathrooms, while reproduction victorian cast-iron radiators are available for a traditional style - concealed rads are also available such as skirting radiators and ultimately underfloor heating

Chimney Flue Lining

Chimney sweep cleaning and installation of flue liners for gas, oil and solid fuel fires & heating systems in the North Tyneside area

  • Chimney Sweeps Repairs North TynesideChimney Flue
  • Chimney Refurbishment North TynesideChimney Cowl
  • Chimney Lining North TynesideStainless Steel Liners
  • Chimney Pots North TynesideChimney Pot


Opening up an old fireplace to use with a gas fire, oil burning stove or wood burning stove may require a flue liner or twin wall flue liner to be installed together with a suitable blanking plate so that your new fire or stove can be operated safely

  • Stoves and Ranges North Tyneside Solid Fuel Heating

    Building Planning

    Wood Burning Stoves
    Oil Burning Cookers

    Modern solid fuel heating systems can be used in many smokeless zones thanks to their reburn technology that allows soot particles to go through a secondary combustion process

  • Stove Installation North Tyneside

Home Improvement

Installing a new boiler system is often part of a larger home improvement or change of lifestyle rather than an emergency repair; hence, several different trades are likely to be needed to bring the home to completion

Property Repairs

North Tyneside Leasing
Property maintenance, refurbishment and Landlord certification for leasing and rental accomodation in North Tyneside

  • North Tyneside Installer Kitchens & Bathrooms

    Kitchen Installation North Tyneside

    Kitchen Installation

    Bathroom Installation North Tyneside

    Bathroom Installation

    Utilities,Kitchen Units,Appliances Installed - Wall and Floor Tiles Fitted

Plumber North Tyneside

Plumbing and pipe installation services for North Tyneside

  • Bathrooms North TynesideBathroom Installation
  • Leaking Tap Repairs and New Taps North TynesideTaps
  • North Tyneside BathroomWaste Pipes
  • Bathrooms North TynesideToilet & Cistern
  • North Tyneside PlumbingShower Installation
  • Plumbing North TynesideBath Fitting

Central Heating Systems

Specialist engineers & gas fitters for most domestic & industrial heating systems

North Tyneside Gas Engineers

Qualified gas engineers, gas fitters and plumbers covering the North Tyneside area for:
North Tyneside Central Heating Installation
North Tyneside Boiler Servicing
North Tyneside Emergency Repairs

Combi Boilers

  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Andrews
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Ariston
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Biasi
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Baxi
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Chaffoteaux
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Danfoss
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Ferroli
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Glow-Worm
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Halstead
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Heatrae
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Honeywell
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Ideal
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Johnson & Starley
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Keston
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Main
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Myson
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Nuway
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Potterton
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Powermax
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Ranco
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Ravenheat
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Riel
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Robinson Willey
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Satronic
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Saunier Duval
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Siemens
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Sime
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Suntech
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Sunvic
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Vaillant
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Valor
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Vokera
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Wilo
  • North Tyneside Gas Boilers: Worcester

Boiler Spares Fitting

  • North TynesidePressure Gauges
  • North TynesideGas Valves
  • North TynesidePumps
  • North TynesideFlame Supervision Devices
  • North TynesideLow Water Pressure Switches
  • North TynesideFlue Fans
  • North TynesideFilling Loops
  • North TynesideSolenoids
  • North TynesideThermistors
  • North TynesideDiverter Valves
  • North TynesideThermostats
  • North TynesideAutomatic Bypass Valves
  • North TynesideElectronic Boards
  • North TynesideIgnition/Pilot Systems
  • North TynesidePressure Relief Valves
  • North TynesideWater Governors
  • North TynesideFlow Switches
  • North TynesideCondensate Siphon and Drain
  • North TynesideAutomatic Air Vents
  • North TynesideAir Pressure Switches
  • North TynesideExpansion Vessels
  • North TynesideHeat Exchangers

Boiler Parts

  • North Tyneside Replacement Pump
  • North Tyneside Replacement Timer Knob
  • North Tyneside Replacement Pressure Vessel
  • North Tyneside Replacement Flow Sensor
  • North Tyneside Replacement Divertor Valve Motor
  • North Tyneside Replacement Ignition Control
  • North Tyneside Replacement Venturi
  • North Tyneside Replacement Safety Thermostat
  • North Tyneside Replacement Fan
  • North Tyneside Replacement DHW Flow Sensor
  • North Tyneside Replacement Flame Sensing Electrode
  • North Tyneside Replacement Diaphragm
  • North Tyneside Replacement Temp Release Valve
  • North Tyneside Replacement Air Pressure Switch
  • North Tyneside Replacement Anodes
  • North Tyneside Replacement Knobs
  • North Tyneside Replacement Timer
  • North Tyneside Replacement Spark Electrode
  • North Tyneside Replacement Thermocouple
  • North Tyneside Replacement Pressure Guage
  • North Tyneside Replacement Heaters
  • North Tyneside Replacement Thermistor
  • North Tyneside Replacement Microswitch Assembly
  • North Tyneside Replacement Divertor Valve
  • North Tyneside Replacement Flow Kits
  • North Tyneside Replacement Auto Air Vent
  • North Tyneside Replacement Thermostat
  • North Tyneside Replacement DHW Heat Exchanger
  • North Tyneside Replacement Modules/PCBs
  • North Tyneside Replacement Low Pressure Sensor
  • North Tyneside Replacement Pressure Relief Valve
  • North Tyneside Replacement Gas Valve

Gas Fires North Tyneside

  • Balance Power flue
  • Inset Gas Fires
  • High Efficiency Gas Fires
  • Flueless Gas Fires
  • Glass Fronted Gas
  • Hole in the Wall Gas Fires
  • Outset Gas Fires
  • Brilliant Gas Fires
  • Flavel Gas Fires
  • Kinder Gas Fires
  • Twin Wall Flue Liners

Solid Fuel Fires North Tyneside

  • Wood Burning Stoves
  • Pellet Burners
  • Multi Fuel Stoves
  • Flueless Wood Burners
  • Solid Fuel Kitchen Ranges
  • Multi Fuel Kitchen Ranges


  • Radiator Valves
  • Heated Towel Rails
  • Stainless Steel Radiators
  • Custom Radiators for Bay Windows
  • Concealed Radiators
  • Victorian Style Radiators
Underfloor Heating

Electrical and pumped underfloor heating systems

Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • New Kitchens Fitted
  • Kitchen Diner
  • New Internal Wall Layout
  • New Bathrooms
  • Disabled Access

Loft Insulation

Avoiding heat loss is just as important as installing an economical heating system
It may be worth insulating your loft spaces and fitting loft flooring

Cavity Wall Insulation

Increasing the thermal resistance of your walls to minimise heat loss and using your internal brick leaf as a thermal store will help reduce your heating bills

Underfloor Insulation

While wooden floors are quite insulating, especially with a carpet and underlay; gaps in floorboards and Winter heat loss into the underfloor cavity can be remedied by fitting insulation panels between the floor beams

Pipe Insulation

Pipes are often hidden away below floors and exposed to considerable drops in temperature over the Winter months; hence all exposed pipes should be insulated to:

  • Prevent Heat Loss
  • Avoid Frost Damage
  • Save Money & Energy

Design & Vision

During the design concept stage look at all the available options within your price range and focus on elements that have have a significant impact on your ongoing cost of ownership
Home Heating and electrical appliances continue to use energy and should be as efficient as possible to reduce costs while insulation helps reduce energy losses to save money

North Tyneside Heating

If you live in the North Tyneside area, ask a local central heating installer about the available energy efficient home heating options and hybrid heating systems that can use different forms of fuel and energy to keep ongoing heating costs down

Designer Taps
& Tiles

Replacing your taps, tiles and shower fittings can be enough to completely transform an existing bathroom and minimises costs if you're preparing a property to sell or rent

Future Heating

The most efficient energy storage could come from incorporating phase change materials into building fabric to maintain a comfortable ambient temperature

Combi Boilers
North Tyneside

Boiler Components
North Tyneside

  • Water Governors
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • Gas Valves
  • Flow Switches
  • Pressure Gauges
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Thermostats
  • Thermistors
  • Pumps
  • Automatic Bypass Valves
  • Filling Loops
  • Ignition/Pilot Systems
  • Flame Supervision Devices
  • Solenoids
  • Condensate Siphon and Drain
  • Diverter Valves
  • Expansion Vessels
  • Automatic Air Vents
  • Low Water Pressure Switches
  • Flue Fans
  • Electronic Boards
  • Air Pressure Switches

Boiler Components
North Tyneside

  • Temp Release Valve
  • Timer
  • Pump
  • Venturi
  • Low Pressure Sensor
  • Knobs
  • Gas Valve
  • Microswitch Assembly
  • Pressure Guage
  • Thermocouple
  • Air Pressure Switch
  • Thermostat
  • Ignition Control
  • Flame Sensing Electrode
  • Flow Kits
  • Anodes
  • Pressure Vessel
  • Safety Thermostat
  • Spark Electrode
  • Divertor Valve
  • Divertor Valve Motor
  • DHW Flow Sensor
  • Heaters
  • Modules/PCBs
  • Flow Sensor
  • Diaphragm
  • Thermistor
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • DHW Heat Exchanger
  • Fan
  • Auto Air Vent
  • Timer Knob
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Wood Stove North Tyneside Wood Stove

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