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Potterton Boiler Servicing & Repair

Potterton replacement parts fitted - Potterton boiler thermostats, gas jets or ignition systems fitted, flues cleaned and airflow checked to get your Potterton boiler working properly

If your Potterton Boiler needs a service or urgent maintenance then use our form to make an enquiry or use the direct contact telephone number to arrange a visit

Potterton Boiler servicing Local: If your gas central heating and hot water system is not working correctly or needs a service and safety check then make an appointment to have a heating specialist take a look at your boiler and carry out any boiler maintenance and service tasks

Potterton repair: if you haven't had time to build up a relationship with a local Plumber
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Local Potterton Repairs

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We can help source most Potterton Parts for local fitting

Local Potterton Automatic Air Vent
Sticking or damaged air vents replaced

Local Potterton Diaphragm
Replacement Potterton diaphragms installed

Local Potterton Air Pressure Switch
Fuel combustion requires sufficient oxygen: New Air flow-pressure systems fitted

Local Potterton Circuit Boards
Potterton electrical faults repaired using Potterton OEM components - Potterton sensors and thermostats checked to identify the source of the electrical fault

Local Potterton Timer & Replacement Timers
Potterton timers : Rather than have your central heating come on as the temperature falls slightly; the timer allows you to control your home temperature and heating costs:
Set the timer to switch on about an hour before you normally get up in the morning and switch off an hour or so before your usual bedtime
Combine the timer with a thermostat for optimal temperature control

Local Potterton Pressure Vessel
New pressure vessels fitted

Local Potterton Pressure Guage
OEM Potterton parts fitted or replaced with alternative pressure guages

Local Potterton Microswitches
Potterton microswitches eventuallly wear or contacts fail to work: New microswitches fitted

Thermostats Local Potterton Thermostat
Potterton replacement boiler thermostats - The thermostat responds to changes in water temperature to ensure the boiler remains within safe operating temperature limits - arrange to have your Potterton boiler inspected if the water temperature is fluctuating unusually during normal use

Ignition Systems Local Potterton Ignition-Pilot Systems
When a boiler does not have automatic ignition the gas pilot light should be permanently lit to ignite the main burner as required;
Ignition Systems Local Autoignition Boiler Systems can use a temporary pilot light in order to light the main burners without relying on a spark that could allow a dangerous build up of gas
Local Modulating Burner Systems can start on a very low flame, hence ignited directly before the gas flow increases

Local Potterton Flow Sensor
Gas Flow and Water Flow sensing elements replaced

Local Potterton Compatible Room Thermostat
Replacement Potterton thermostats fitted to maintain a comfortable room temperature and minimise your heat energy costs

Local Potterton Pressure Relief Valve
Replacement pressure relief valves fitted

Local Potterton Fan
Replacement Pottertonfans installed

Water Pumps Local Potterton Water Pumps
Potterton pumps circulate the water to the radiators during the central heating cycle in combination boiler systems - In sealed systems ensure the water pressure is sufficient and that the radiators aren't air filled and require bleeding

Local Potterton Flame Sensing Electrode
The Potterton Flame sensor detects when the flame is ignited and tends to fail safe, a faulty flame sensing electrode will normally prevent the boiler from igniting

Local Potterton Thermocouple
Thermocouples convert temperature into movement or voltage change: most sensing thermocouple replaced

Local Potterton Divertor Valve
Potterton divertor valves replaced for most Potterton systems

Local Potterton Thermistor
Potterton faulty temperature sensitive thermistors replaced

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Potterton Components

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  • Potterton Replacement Auto Air Vent
  • Potterton Replacement Fan
  • Potterton Replacement Heaters
  • Potterton Replacement Flow Kits
  • Potterton Replacement Venturi
  • Potterton Replacement Temp Release Valve
  • Potterton Replacement Timer Knob
  • Potterton Replacement Safety Thermostat
  • Potterton Replacement Thermocouple
  • Potterton Replacement Thermistor
  • Potterton Replacement Thermostat
  • Potterton Replacement Pressure Guage
  • Potterton Replacement Flow Sensor
  • Potterton Replacement Flame Sensing Electrode
  • Potterton Replacement Microswitch Assembly
  • Potterton Replacement DHW Flow Sensor
  • Potterton Replacement Gas Valve
  • Potterton Replacement Divertor Valve
  • Potterton Replacement Low Pressure Sensor
  • Potterton Replacement Timer
  • Potterton Replacement Air Pressure Switch
  • Potterton Replacement Knobs
  • Potterton Replacement Pressure Relief Valve
  • Potterton Replacement DHW Heat Exchanger
  • Potterton Replacement Ignition Control
  • Potterton Replacement Pressure Vessel
  • Potterton Replacement Pump
  • Potterton Replacement Diaphragm
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